I had my first cranio session with Nipunam exactly 6 years ago. It was a great new experience to discover cranio healing through him. Immediate relaxation and letting go of tensions followed during that first session. Ever since then, I benefited from regular sessions from Nipunam and it was beautiful to watch how his healing touch evolved through the years, becoming more and more sensitive and precise. His intuitive touch is really spot on. Nipunam is a very empathetic, joyful and sincere cranio practitioner. The cranio therapy I have come to know through him is a very gentle, profound and relaxing healing method. It helped me to explore deeper spaces withing myself and it can heal many ailments (in my case, a miraculous proof was to stop migraine after only 5 minutes of treatment). I highly and heartfully recommend Nipunam to anyone who is interested in relaxing, healing and exploring oneself

Fardusa Bakari

Over the years had a few amazing experiences with Craneo sessions with Nipunam. The result with me is always quite instant, and he is always spot on. I am every time amazed. One time was very profound; he worked on balancing the left and right hemisfrere of the brain. I felt afterward totally different. I can really recommend to go to him. I know more people he’s treated and I jokingly call him ‘the wonderdoctor’, which is actually no joke!
Also I went to a few group sessions and I feel always rejuvenated afterwards. Great to discover every time deeper and deeper all these fine nuances of energy running in the body.

Abhaya Tukker

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Frankie Bolder