This website is about the music events of Yantra. At this moment there is every second month a Mantra Singing Evening in Fulda, guided by Yantra and Nadishan. We sing altogether and enjoy the beautiful heart opening space of presence, togetherness, silence and relaxation that arises.

You are very welcome to join! 

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Auf dieser Website geht es um Musik-events von Yantra. Im Moment gibt es jeden zweiten Monat ein Mantra-Singen in Fulda, das von Yantra und Nadishan geleitet wird. Wir (alle) singen zusammen und genießen den schönen Raum, in dem sich das Herz öffnet, in dem Präsenz, Einheit, Stille und Entspannung entstehen.


Du bist herzlich eingeladen mitzumachen!

"Music takes you to the higher peaks of life and existence. It simply takes your hand and leads you, very, very politely, very lovingly, into the mysterious...."


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Mantra Singing

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Since always, people have come together to make music. Music makes you feel good and brings a natural feeling of warmth and togetherness.

Mantras are devotional songs from India, meant to make contact with that what lies beyond. That's why mantra singing is a beautiful way to stop thinking and to sink in the moment. A door to silence, an open heart and to connect with yourself. 


Yantra guides simple Mantras and world songs with voice, guitar and harmonium and invites you to go inside. 

Nadishan supports the Mantras with Hang and percussion.


Everybody can join, experience or a good voice are not needed. It is all about the feeling that it brings when you sing. You are warmly invited to come and join!​



Sunday evenings, every two months

20.00 to ca. 22.00

Yoga Studio Blaue Stunde
An Vierzehnheiligen 9, Fulda

Registration not needed.


Contribution: Donationbase

(a part of it is for the Blaue Stunde)

English spoken

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Tumi Bhaja Re Mana.mp3Yantra, Nadishan and group
00:00 / 07:36
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Supports the evenings with percussion and hangdrum


Guides the evenings with

voice, guitar, harmonium and tampura

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